Perth Jewry has courage to care

Courage to Care, an exciting educational program that the Holocaust Institute of WA has committed to bring to Perth, was enthusiastically endorsed at a launch held on Sunday 1 December at the home of Debra and Sol Majteles.

The 60 attendees learned about this remarkable program that draws on stories of great courage and bravery from the Holocaust to teach high school students about bullying, discrimination and tolerance. The key objective of the program is to empower young people so that they no longer remain bystanders in the face of injustice. Learning from the courage of others is at the heart of the program.

Andrew Havas, the founding chairperson of Courage to Care NSW, explained the operation of the program, noting that over 180,000 people from all over Australia, including regional and remote areas, had been through the program.

Holocaust Institute of WA President Dr Ben Korman spoke about the need for a more contemporary approach to Holocaust education, one that moves from teaching what happened, to using what happened as motivation to fight prejudice, bullying and racism. This was echoed by Craig Hershowitz, who believed the program would resonate with today’s youth and find support from the wider community.

Finally the audience heard from Leon Levitt about the prospect of Courage to Care being a permanent exhibition at the proposed Museum of Freedom and Tolerance Western Australia.

The tremendous support received at the launch will ensure that The Holocaust Institute of WA realises its objective to have the Courage to Care program operating in WA by September 2014. The community is urged to support this amazing project and anyone interested in becoming involved as a volunteer, should contact the Institute’s office on 9276 8730. The Maccabean