frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to bring students to a session?

Workshops are free to students and schools. However, a gold coin donation would be appreciated.

How long does the session run for?

3 hours including breaks.

How many students can participate in a workshop?

A minimum of 15 and a maximum of 55 students per workshop.

Can you book multiple workshops to accommodate more students?

Multiple workshops can be accommodated upon request.

Do the facilitators have a Working With Children check?

Yes, all volunteers and staff have a Working With Children check.

Are there canteen facilities available at the excursion venue?

No – please ensure participants bring their own snacks and drinks.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

There is wheelchair access on request.

What age group is the session suitable for?

Upper high school and adults.

Is the program relevant to the Australian curriculum?

Yes, all programs are linked to Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA)

Is preparation for the workshop required?

Workshops require student participation and active engagement. We are aware and empathetic of the fact that the workshops, due to the nature the topic, can be quite intense and sometimes challenging. We suggest preparing students for beforehand and debriefing after the workshop.

Do we need to bring anything to the excursion?

Other than drinks and snacks, students are not required to bring anything.

Will the students be meeting a Holocaust Survivor?

Survivor testimony is very impactful, to this end all students will witness Survivor testimony in one form or another. Unfortunately, with the passing of time, many Survivors are no longer with us. In this light, either a second-generation Survivor will give testimony or recorded Survivor testimony will be shown.

Have all facilitators been vaccinated and are Covid-19 regulations followed?

Yes all facilitators are required to be vaccinated and Covid-19 regulations are complied with. For information and advice about current restriction levels in place throughout Western Australia, please click here


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