“I believe that what I learnt today will greatly affect how I treat others because I will try to do everything in my power to prevent people from going through this.”
“We deeply appreciate this program. It has been interactive, informative and incredibly moving. We will be back!”
“This presentation taught me the dangers and value of human nature and the importance of sacrifice and bravery.”
“It will forever be engrained into my conscience the unjustifiable discrimination that led to the deaths of so many, reminding me to never judge and segregate myself from those who may be different.”
“I used to think of it as a number – 6 million – now I realise how each person had their own story.”
“This is a very impressive presentation. Confronting and through provoking, relevant to today’s world.”
“Excellent new presentation. Really engaging and focused on making the individual fee empowered.”

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

Albert Einstein


  • Aquinas College
  • Baldivis Secondary College
  • Belridge Secondary College
  • Butler College
  • Byford Secondary College
  • Carine SHS
  • Carmel Adventist College
  • Cecil Andrews College
  • Dale Christian School
  • Darling Range Sports College
    • Ellenbrook Christian College
    • Fremantle Christian College
    • Hampton SHS
    • International School of Western Australia
    • Iona Presentation College
    • Irene McCormac Catholic College
    • John Forrest Secondary College
    • Kennedy Baptist College
    • Kelmscott SHS
    • Kingsway Christian College
    • Kinross College
    • Lakeland SHS
    • Mandurah Baptist College
    • Quinns Baptist College
    • Rehoboth Christian School
    • Rockingham SHS
    • St Mary’s Anglican School for Girls
    • St George’s Anglican Grammar School
    • St Norbert College
    • St Stephen’s School
    • Swan Valley Anglican Community School
  • Sevenoaks Senior College
  • South Fremantle
  • Sacred Heart College
  • Thornlie Christian College
  • Ursula Frayne Catholic College
  • Wesley College
  • Wanneroo Secondary College
  • Willetton SHS


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